The AP-TCRC Launches Three-Year Action Plan to Address

Author: AP-TCRC


On November 25, 2023, the second council meeting was successfully convened, approved the center's three-year action plan. In line with this plan, the focus will be on addressing critical scientific challenges in current typhoon prevention and to engage top scientists globally, fostering collaboration to enhance typhoon forecast and early warning.


According to the three-year action plan, the research center will focus on the current technical and scientific issues in typhoon prevention and disaster reduction, organize top scientists from countries in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world to participate in the joint research on key scientific problems in typhoon forecasting, provide operational technology demonstration of typhoon prevention and disaster reduction for the Asia-Pacific and the world. The meeting also considered and passed the Work Progress Report for 2022-2023 and Work Plan for 2024 of the AP-TCRC, and discussed the key work for the next phase.


On behalf of the Governing Board, WANG Weiren fully recognized the achievements of the AP-TCRC over the past year and thanked all parties for their strong support to the work of the Center. He said that the Governing Board would continue to support the AP-TCRC to grow stronger and stronger, and make efforts to promote it to become the most authoritative institution in the Asia-Pacific region and even in the global typhoon community, representing Shanghai and the country, and participating in global cooperation and competition. He emphasized that the AP-TCRC should strengthen its capacity building based on the solid foundation of typhoon research, continue to accelerate the improvement of its work, aim at the highest global standards, and cultivate its internal strengths; it should rely on the new situation and environment and new opportunities, and enhance its international cooperation capacity and influence based on the characteristics of new R&D institutes; it should be based in Shanghai, focus on breaking through the key technologies of typhoon forecasting and typhoon disaster prevention and mitigation, and accelerate the enhancement of the transformation capacity of scientific and technological fruits. We will focus on breaking through key technologies of typhoon forecasting and typhoon prevention and disaster reduction based on Shanghai, and accelerate the improvement of scientific and technological achievements. Council President, Vice President of the Council, and the Member of Council were present at the meeting.