Tropical Cyclone Research and Review is an international journal focusing on tropical cyclone monitoring, forecasting, and research as well as associated hydrological effects and disaster risk reduction. The journal is edited and published by the ESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee (TC) and the Shanghai Typhoon institute of the China Meteorology Administration (STI/CMA) and Asia Pacific Typhoon Collaborative Research Center (AP-TCRC).  Contributions from all tropical cyclone basins are welcome.

Scope of the journal includes:

  • Reviews of tropical cyclones exhibiting unusual characteristics or behavior or resulting in disastrous impacts on Typhoon Committee Members and other regional WMO bodies

  • Advances in applied and basic tropical cyclone research or technology to improve tropical cyclone forecasts and warnings

  • Basic theoretical studies of tropical cyclones

  • Event reports, compelling images, and topic review reports of tropical cyclones

  • Impacts, risk assessments, and risk management techniques related to tropical cyclones

ISSN: 2225-6032

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