Shanghai AP-TCRC Academician Workstation has been successfully inaugurated

Author: AP-TCRC


On the morning of January 3, 2024, the inauguration ceremony of the Academician Workstation of the Shanghai Asia-Pacific Collaborative Typhoon Research Center, led by Academician MU Mu, was held in Lingang, Shanghai. Deputy Director XIE Wenlan of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission and Vice Chairman CHEN Xin of the Municipal Association for Science and Technology inaugurated the workstation. Academician ZHANG Renhe, Academician MU Mu, Director FENG Lei, Deputy Director LEI Xiaotu of the Shanghai Meteorological Service, and relevant leaders from the Lingang Special Area attended the ceremony. Invited experts and members of the Academician Workstation were also present.


Deputy Director XIE Wenlan, Academician ZHANG Renhe, and Director FENG Lei extended their congratulations and delivered speeches at the inauguration ceremony of the Academician Workstation. They expressed optimism about the Workstation's establishment, emphasizing the vital role it would play in advancing typhoon research in Shanghai and providing robust technological support for disaster prevention and mitigation in diverse sectors and Belt and Road countries. During the inauguration, Academician MU Mu outlined the team's commitment to developing and applying the internationally leading Conditionally Non-Optimal Perturbation (CNOP) method. The focus is on enhancing the interaction between meteorological observations and numerical models to elevate China's typhoon forecasting capabilities and cultivate a highly skilled workforce in the field. Following the ceremony, the Workstation members conducted their annual workshop. Academician MU Mu delivered a specialized report on "Targeted Observation Theory, Methods, and Practices for High-Impact Marine and Atmospheric Events." The team engaged in extensive discussions on collaborative projects and the 2024 work plan, clarifying the annual technical roadmap and objectives. Approved for construction by the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology in December 2023, the Academician Workstation, led by Academician MU Mu. It indicates progress in research capabilities, talent pool, and collaborative innovation, with a pivotal role in upgrading key technologies for extreme event forecasting, especially related to typhoons in China. Under the guidance of Academician MU Mu, the Workstation aims to integrate high-quality technological, disciplinary, and human resources, leveraging the expertise of academic experts. It is committed to addressing core challenges and key issues in the typhoon domain, promoting innovation-driven development and interdisciplinary collaboration, aspiring to establish the research center as a world-class hub for typhoon scientific research.